Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Let me give you an outline ...

I seem to be off on a mannequin tangent of late. Today's photograph is of a head and a hat, but I liked the pattern cast on the mannequin's face by the sun through the weave of the hat. Then I threw on an outline effect filter. I rather like it.

So, I also applied the outline effect filter to a photograph of some shoes I shot in a thrift shop. I love how it makes the leopard pattern pop, and the infusion of blue.

I also had four of my Etsy photographs featured in Etsy Treasuries, which I've listed below, if you're of a mind to click on the links and check them out for yourself.

August 31, 2011 (oh my gosh! The LAST day of August!)

Music to My Ears (in commemoration of Itzhak Perlman’s birthday)
Curator: Lee Davis at
Photo:“Violin Repair Shoppe”

White on White
Photo: “White on White”

Affordable Beachfront Property
Photo: “One Eyed Seagull”

Autumn Delights
Photo: “Blue Birds Yellow Leaves”

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