Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What's to be found in a kitchen utensil store?

Kitchenware stores are like hardware stores, or so they seem to me. There is always something on the next rack to draw your eye to it. (I thought the display units were called "gondolas," but my sis Mel, the lady who works at JCP and is therefore an authority, said they call them "fixtures.") In any case, color is key in kitchen stuff.

I was out and about today headed to a beading shop at The Flour Mill (an old mill converted into shops and restaurants) downtown Spokane, but ended up in the kitchenware shop. I had so much fun discovering images to capture. However, my camera doesn't seem to hold a charge very long these days, so all of these are iPhotos. But, fun iPhotos. At least I think they are. Please enjoy, if you can.

August 10, 2011

Looked like their demo kitchen was set up for a class

There were two Etsy treasuries that featured my work today:

Autumn Sunshine Through my Kitchen Window
Curator: SunflowerRagWorks

“Morning Tea” digital photograph

Swim to me
Curator: Lauren Paradise

“Oysters and Barnacles” acrylic painting

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