Friday, August 19, 2011


How can it possibly be 10:48 pm on a Friday night? It "feels" much earlier in the week and much earlier in the evening. Oh my! Does this mean I'm getting old and am losing track of time?


Perhaps I'm just involved in what I'm doing, focused on and savoring each moment, oblivious to day and time. Yes! That's it!

I intended to upload a different photograph for today, but I seem grounded in this time meditation, which prompted me to upload this image to my Etsy shop this morning.

Lost in Time
OK ... the time thingy is outta my system--yeah, right--and here is the image I wanted to use as today's Project 365 upload. I loved the asymmetry of the large mass of trunk on the right and the delicate touch of finer branches and leaves on the left side.
August 19, 2011


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