Monday, August 15, 2011

FAST, Give me SPEED!

I came across a table of used roller skates and inline skates and was immediately transported back in time to when I kept a skate key on a length of bright pink yarn around my neck. I was about nine and we lived in Ogden, Utah where Dad was stationed at Hill Air Force Base. I remember using my key to screw my metal skates onto my sneakers—we called them tennies or vans—and clanking down the sidewalk! The skates always came off, and I’d have to clamp them onto my shoes again. It didn’t matter, I loved to roller skate … fast!

At the skating rink in San Bernardino, CA back in 1964-65, I had an unfortunate skating accident, crashing onto my knees, and I've not been on skates since.

Here’s to skating … F-A-S-T

August 15, 2011

If only I had THESE kinds of skates!

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