Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 241 and an hour or so at Spokane River

I miss daily walks along the beach in Birch Bay. There are small lakes I can drive to from my residence here in Spokane, and there's the Spokane River, but I'm spoiled. I have to get into my truck, drive through the city, get on the freeway, and drive some more. Yeah, big whoopee!

But I did all of that and Suki and I ended up walking along the Spokane River east out by Liberty Lake and Otis Orchard.

The other side of the river was obviously a popular entrance point to the river, as kids and families carried their inner tubes and inflatible boats down to the water's edge and with much laughing and shouting, hopped in and headed quickly downstream.

This river seemed very clean. I could see the river bottom and one or two little fishies swimming around the rocks. When I visited with my son, Owen, in Grand Junction, I found the Colorado River to be very muddy and murky. It wasn't pretty at all.

I was curious what kind of rocks I would find in a river compared to the cobble and pebbles I would find at Birch Bay.

So, I had fun looking at rocks and listening to the flow of the river. And Suki again proved herself to be THE best photographer's dog in the world. She just curled up on the riverbank and let me putter around to my heart's content.

August 29, 2011

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