Tuesday, August 30, 2011

But ... what does it mean?

I thoroughly enjoy photographing all things. I look at the world around me and I photograph. Sometimes a subject is chosen because it's lovely or pretty. We live in a gorgeous world!

Other times, I photograph something because it may exemplify the opposite of pretty. The viewer reacts. If we see pretty all of the time, might we become jaded, take beauty for granted and our reaction to it dull?

Most of the time, my eye is captured by patterns, repetition. And that's fun to an extent, until I think, "Another pattern? Really? So what?"

But, my favorite thing to photograph is the "What does it mean?" It makes the viewer stop and take another look. Today's photograph is one of those images for me. I started to write a description to include here with the photo, breaking down the whys and wherefores, and what motivated me to create an image of it. But, I deleted it. Just look at the photograph, without my judgment to color or affect your judgment.

Drop me an e-mail and tell me what YOU think about this photograph. Does it appeal to you? Are you confused or put off by it? What does it make you think, or do you simply reject it without a reason? Do you like it? Would you hang it in your living room over your sofa? (sorry ... inside joke) Does any story or scenario come to mind? Does it make you laugh? Does it creep you out? Are you totally unaffected by it? Reply with your suggestion for the title.

Day 242 ... But, what does it mean?

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