Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Simplicity is in the eye ...

... or I've something in my eye, if it isn't simplicity! I took a simple photograph of daisies today. OK, well, there was also a watering can right next to the daisies. I was intrigued by the circles in the centers of the flowers, and then the holes in the watering can seemed connected somehow. It was just a fun exercise, between making and photographing jewelry and my back was killing me. I simply had to get out of "the dungeon" and stretch. Beautiful day out; sunshine daisies kind of day, it was.

Being one to not let well enough alone, I got me to the effect filters, again with the glowing edges effect! It reminded me of days as a youngster when you scribbled on a paper with lots of different color crayolas, and then you covered it all with black tempera paint or black crayon and then you etched through the black, revealing the marvelous colors underneath. Wow!

My editing tools are very rudimentary. I know there's a big wide world of effects out there that I could be playing with, but I'm content for the time being with what I have.

Today's photograph ... Daisies with Watering Can ... or maybe, Watering Can with Daisies. You decide.

August 3, 2011

(Glowing Edges effect)

Unedited Photograph

Oh, and two of my photographs were included in Etsy treasuries:

"Yellow in Distress" ... really cool featured items, including my photo of a deteriorating yellow road construction plow on which someone had painted a smiley face. Gauche of me to not remember the name of the Curator who assembled the treasury. Check it out and the Curator will be listed. They put together a whizbang treasury.

"A Clean Slate" featuring my photograph White on White

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