Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bondo, Baby!

Suki and I took a little look-see this afternoon. What better way to spend a hot summer Sunday afternoon than going to a drive. I have this whopping big truck now, so I can see ever so much more than what I observed from my low slung Miata. I do miss that sweetie ride, but I've moved on to bigger stuff, in a manner of speaking.

One of the places we encountered was an old, small auto repair garage that looked like it was no longer in operation, but it had a number of old cars--some very old--but most of them were only the chassis and body, no innards. Just my kinda vehicles!

Let me reiterate about my Bondo Series. Years ago, my two sons worked on their own cars in my driveway. There were times when they did body work, and took the paint down to the bare metal in preparation for applying bondo, finishing, and repainting. There was something very appealing to me about the marks and scratches of the damaged, distressed metal, and the marks of the hand work done to repair. There was also something about the odd beauty of the deterioration of the metal that would soon be covered over/hidden and made shiny and new. I liked the imperfections, the dents, the rust, the stressed metal.

My sons no longer fix their cars in my driveway, but I'm hooked on finding distressed metal and photographing it. I've called it Bondo Series, even though I don't photograph ANY bondo. I just liked the sound of "Bondo."

OK? Alright!

Today I took some Bondo Series photographs. Here are a few of them:

August 7, 2011 (Happy Birthday, Meggan!)

Love the bullet holes (iphoto)

The tension of the rope seemed to add something
and the snippets of blue sky beyond

This was an orange Dodge muscle car

I'm uber pleased with this one, great colors

Oh, Etsy treasury: Yesterday I uploaded a new photograph, one of the ones from the violin repair shop here in Spokane. Within 5 minutes or less, it was featured in curator Lan Mantas' treasury. Did the photograph sell? No. But it was nice to be featured in "Dada Poetry."
Today another one popped up:
 "Lighthearted" curated by featured my photo "Hello Yellow."

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  1. Great photos, Kay! And great choices by the 2 Treasury curators. Thanks for sharing them! :o)