Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 30 of 04 and 90 of 365 ...

I counted 16 sailboats out in the strait around 11:00 a.m. this morning. It was a wonderful sight. I thought tomorrow was the official "opening day" of the season, but as beautiful as it was today, I don't disagree that if there's sun in the Pacific Northwest, one gets out ... on the water, if possible!

Unfortunately, the sailboats were too far off from shore for me to get a photograph, so for the last day of April's shot(s), I'm uploading some driftwood, if you please. It was heavenly out on the beach today!


Friday, April 29, 2011

TGIF and 89 of 365 ...

I've been taking a goodly number of photographs of late. All very utilitarian. All items I've put for sale on Craig's List. I've looked at a lot of items for sale on that site, and it amazes me how people will upload a snapshot the viewer has difficulty even seeing, much less compelling them to buy.  Maybe I'm making too much of it, but I've had fun cropping and editing photographs so my items for sale look their best. I don't doctor the photos, or misrepresent how the item looks. But I do show it at its present best. It's been fun. I've even sold a couple of things. Others I may have to tinker with the pricing, but the photographs look incredible!

I was out in the grass while Suki was doing her thing, and I was having fun with my shadow. It was an odd experience to have a distinct shadow and while I'm still looking through the lens for another shot having my shadow totally disappear! The sun had ducked behind a cloud and I suddenly was shadowless. I guess one had to be there to get the gist of the experience. I felt rather vampire-ish.

So, here's today iPhone shot of my shadow before it parted to return to the land of shadows. Not a masterpiece. Not even a good shot. Just my frumpy green shadow.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Treasures and Day 88 of 365

My photograph "Merlin's Parlour" is featured in another Etsy Treasury:

Although it rained this morning, today turned out to be a lovely, sunny day here in Birch Bay. It would have been a splendid day for beachcombing. Alas, I couldn't get out to play.  For some reason there has been a lot of traffic up and down Birch Bay Drive. There's no race or event going on in the community, maybe just the sun drawing out folks.

Today's photograph is of some tiny little blossoms that have taken residence in the same pot as is my dwarf Japanese maple that I now have at my studio. They just appeared a year ago, and bloomed again this spring. The flowers each are about the size of my fingernail; so dainty. I don't know what they are. They may well be some friendly weed, but I was taken with their cheerfulness.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

See Gulls at the Seashore ...

It was forecast to be raining today; so glad the meteorologists were wrong! The sun shineth! I took this shot of the seagulls as the tide is coming in. I threw on a film grain effect, which gives the image a brighter, stylized appearance. The shore colors here often tend toward drab and monochromatic.

As I drove around Birch Bay, I thought again of this or that being the last time I do this or that. I won't be here in August to pick the free blackberries that grow wild and rampant along the sides of the roads.  It will be the last time I'll see spring exploding in the diversity of colors of blooms and blossoms. The blooming trees here are stupendous. It'll be a totally different sensory experience in Colorado. Instead of crabs, I'll encounter scorpions ... so I'm told.

I'll miss the seagulls and all things beachy. As I walked along the shore I saw the annual evidence of the lovely white bent-lipped clams and the pretty designs on the young manila clams.

Yup. Change is life. But I'll always have a camera in hand to bear witness to wherever I am!

Here's today's photograph:


See Gulls at the Seashore

Monday, April 25, 2011

Days 84 and 85 of Project 365

I enjoyed a lovely Easter dinner with friends yesterday, but still took time to snap a shot du jour. I just wasn't able to upload it yesterday.

In view that it was Easter, I snapped this whimsical adornment of a stone sculpture along my road. For those of you familiar with the Vancouver 2010 Olympics logo, Inukshuk (in-ook-shook), this neighbor was obviously proud enough to install his own  Inukshuk at the entrance of his driveway. The owner decorates his little stone statue for the various holidays. When I lived in Redlands, CA there was someone just outside of town who decorated their statue of a rabbit (?) with holiday attire! South, North, East or West, you find people who dress up inanimate objects just for the fun of it, don't you! This Easter bunny was complete with a fuzzy tail!

This morning, I had to go to Birch Bay Square and the star magnolia trees are abloom. Couldn't resist using that for today's photograph.



Saturday, April 23, 2011

And Now, Today's Photographic Upload

I took this shot of sun-kissed pink tulips this morning. It was in a modest garden, but I was reminded of the annual display of literally thousands of daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips up along mountain path garden in Running Springs, CA. I think Dale Bauer no longer opens their mountainside garden to the public, but I was fortunate to see it on a number of occasions. Hmmm, where do I have those photographs? I seem to remember that they planted about a million bulbs over a span of 50 years. A terrible forest fire almost completely destroyed that area and they lost their cabin home, but a lot of the bulbs came up again in the spring. Awesome!

The sun is shining. People are walking and cycling around the Bay. It's a beautiful Day 83!


A Day Late ... But Not Forgotten ...

This waffling between having Online access and not having Online access is quite the challenging roller coaster ride. But what's life without a dose of challenge?

Two more photographs were featured in a couple of Etsy Treasuries. Hooray! The Loomis Hall photography and sculpture exhibit in Blaine, WA is coming down next week, and the two photographs I have in that show will soon be making their new home in Florida. Thank you, Antje Wortman!

Yesterday's sunset was lovely in that it was that rosy gradation of the sky. The trees complemented with a lacy darkness. It reminded me of Lalique stained glass.

Day 82 and Earth Day 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Project 365, but which day is it?

It is Day 80, as a matter of fact.

I love going to thrift shops. There are all sorts of interesting items that people collected and then decided they could do without, or inherited and didn't want or just got tired of and there those items were, waiting patiently for some other person to come along and just not be able to live without them! As one who is currently de-cluttering, I don't need any of those items, but I like to look and think about the stories of who used them.

Like the photograph below of the bicycles. Five of these little girl bikes were hanging outside at the front of the thrift shop. They looked so giggly, and pink and glittery, and girlie. Do those girlie bike riders now have iPads and text incessantly with their friends? Are they driving? Do they have boyfriends?

And the photograph of the blue desk chair that used to be red and was painted blue. What is its history? How is it going to be used next?

So, here are my thrift shop photographs for today.

I've also added a photo of a beautiful sunrise from a couple of days ago. It was early and the sun was just coming up, bathing the top of the tree in brilliant gold. It was incredible! I guess you had to be there.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jeeeez! Where am I?

I think I'm losing touch with this project; too many irons in the fire! But that's the challenge, isn't it!

All right.  I'll throw in a couple of catch up photos. I've encountered a couple of Bondo Series shots, and I came across a huge white quonset hut yesterday, so here we go ...

Project 365:

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 76 of 365

Couldn't sleep, too early to be up, fussing around. Couldn't access my e-mail on my iPhone, so took some photos in the house, instead. It wasn't light enough out, oh well. The one with the shadows of the wire chairs on the floor is fun, like that one the best. I like the brass bowl, too. I'm going to get my camera and take a better one of the shadows of the chairs; interesting shapes. But here are the four for today. Three of them have a dry brush effect, but the one of the brass bowl is just lightened. I had to lighten ALL of them.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 73 and Fuzzy

I was without my camera, but had my trusty iPhone, so used what I had at hand! This is another shot of driftwood and some dried weed. I liked the pick-up-sticks or web-effect of the dead weeds, and the texture of the wood. I pushed the contrast on the image and applied a film grain effect. I kinda like it!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wet and Cold 72

What a wretched day! But, here's a photograph with pilings, a rock, and water that all seem to complement one with the others. It's all very simplified, but the strong horizontal of the sandbar at the top, the immobility of the rock and pebbles and the pilings against the movement of the water are attractive to my eye.


3 Against the One

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bird Abodes and All ...

I had three photographs included in Etsy treasuries in the last two days. I am almost embarrassed to keep uploading those features to Facebook. I'm not really facile at tooting my own horn. I would love to toot the fact and I'm selling photographs on Etsy. Alas, one of these days.

In the meantime, I enjoy the bric-a-brac I see while driving around my little ol' beach town. There are seagulls everywhere, in fact, I've started a series, Faux Seagulls, which are photos of all the kitschy seagull plaques, stone seagulls, plaster, shell seagulls, and the like. It's a fun series, but I'm aware right now of the more everywhere kinds of birds, like robins, which are prevalent where I'm now staying, claiming their territory and starting their nests.

Today's photograph isn't of a robin, nor of a seagull. I take photographs of stationary objects. If it starts to move, my photo-taking skills diminish considerably!

It is of a kitsch bird house, but I like the composition with all of the electric and phone lines criss-crossing in the background and the faded beach blues.


Beachy Bird Kitsch

Monday, April 11, 2011

A Muse or Three ...

There's a sizable estate around Birch Point, and normally the foliage obscures looking beyond the intricate wrought iron fence. But lately, I've seen these ladies as I drive by. It seems out of place to see such in and among the cedars and shrubs.


Three Muses 4

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Smoke and Mirrors ...

Oh, all right ... there's no smoke! But there is a mirror in today's Project 365 photograph, and pussy willows!

Pussy Willows Reflection

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Etsy Observations and 365 Yesterday and Today

I've had several more of my photographs for sale on Etsy featured in several different Etsy treasuries. I'm glad of the attention, and it makes sense that the more exposure my photographs get, the better will be my chances of selling. Thus far it hasn't produced the desired results, but I'm optimistic.

All of the treasuries have a different theme, and it has been interesting to see what photographs other vendors identify with their treasury theme. I know they must like the photographs they choose, they wouldn't want to feature poor product in their grouping, but the photographs used are not always what I consider to be the best of my inventory. I guess it bears out that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Here are yesterday's photograph, and today's.


Last Year's Rhoddies on Red (Dry Brush Effect)


Lunch Cribbage

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Technological Setbacks and Day 67

Uber challenging to be a photographer without a camera or edit photographs without a computer! Both pieces of equipment seem to be doing some untoward, quirky things that make me very uncomfortable. I get the distinct impression that both are going to crash and burn, a very technical term. Hah! No, it's not funny, but I just have to hope and pray both tools will stay with me just a little longer!

I came across some daffodils next to a turquoise sign and could not resist using the contrast of organics and angles. I've embued one of the images with a dry brush effect, and the other with a watercolor effect.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Recycled and Project 365

Sunshine today!!!!! Huzzah!

Today's photograph is a detail of a glass sculpture installation by San Jose, CA artist Marta Thoma at the Lighthouse Point Water Reclamation facility in Blaine, WA. I love the swirls of aluminum and all of the bottles and the blue blown glass "droplet!" I understand her intent was to demonstrate nature's hydrological cycle. The entire installation is beautiful, but I wanted to highlight the motion of this part of Thoma's sculpture.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Foliage and 365 ...

I almost shut down my computer and headed home, but remembered NO ACCESS AT HOME, so I'll quickly share with you today's Project 365 offerings.

It was messy out this morning, but sunshine poked through in the late afternoon. When the sun comes out I notice all sorts of little plants and things, all co-existing and thriving here in the Pacific Northwest.

Today's photos are a sample of foliage from pine cones and fern, to delicate little spring flowers I don't know the name of, to bamboo!


Monday, April 4, 2011

Rain and Project 365

Today's photograph is an interior shot because of the r-a-i-n! Everything is so dreary and dismal. Although the bright yellow forsythia is now blooming, adding a color spot to the landscape. There are a lot of trees blooming, but the drizzle and gray dampens all of the colors.

The photos I'm including from yesterday are of an abandoned building here in Birch Bay. I liked the shapes and jagged edges, angles. Seems I'm in a aesthetic rut. Need to get back to my goal of more looking UP and OUT, rather than tight in shots. I'm working on it! But, not today ... too icky out.



Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Sunny Day 62 of 365

Thank goodness for sunshine! I remember my ex-boss, upon telling him 7 years ago that I was moving to Washington, replying, "When moss starts growing between your toes, you can always come back here to Redlands!" With all of the rain and cold we've had lately, it feels like I COULD actually grow moss between my toes! Jack knew what he was talking about! No, not returning to Redlands.

But, here are today's photographs. This is the scenery along the road where I now live. Beautiful, isn't it. The last photograph is of trees that caught my eye. I couldn't figure out if there were orange blossoms on the tree, or what. But on closer examination, it is peeling bark that is catching the late afternoon sun. It looks like the trees are a-flame!


Friday, April 1, 2011

Moving ... moving ... moving ... oh wait! Here's 60 and 61 ...

It is eerie not having access to Internet either by computer or by phone; how disconnected! Maybe it's a good thing to disconnect from time-to-time. I know I wouldn't willingly do it. So, this recent move of abode is inadvertently resulting in an enforced break, hopefully to refresh, listen to sounds, rest my eyes, focus my thoughts on other matters more directly at hand, literally.

But I'm in a place in this moment that has Internet access, so am uploading Day 60 and Day 61. No. 60 is an unusual cloud formation yesterday at sunset. We normally do not experience such streamlined clouds over Birch Bay. Loved it!


 A sight we do see a lot of in Birch Bay are of fishing nets and bouys. Loved the simplicity of the patterns. OK ... OK ... I also threw in some azaleas. I don't really care for Rhoddies, but I do like very much their little sister Azalea. Both are starting to bloom now.