Saturday, August 31, 2013

Who doesn't benefit from a challenge now and again?

A couple of years ago I decided to take a photograph a day for a year. It was a lot of fun, took some shots I might not have otherwise, stretched, experienced some flops--to be expected, they can't all be masterpieces--and learned a lot about myself and photography.

I've been wanting to do more painting, an artform parallel to photography, which I enjoy as well, but always had a ready excuse. Excuses no more!

For my birth month of September, I'm challenging myself to do a painting a day. It will officially kick off tomorrow, but I forgot there was a 31st in August, so I painted today. Again, no masterpieces to be expected, just exercising painting muscles I haven't played around with in years. Yes! That's it ... this is a playful challenge. If I don't hold myself accountable by posting the painting, such as it is, I know I'll find some other task that will edge out painting, which I WANT to do.

Here goes. Today's painting is with Shiva Oil Sticks on a 5" x 7" canvas board. You'll notice there's a lot of scratching into the medium. I really dig making a mark in a mark. You might notice that it is signed. It's not because I think it's so stupendous, I sign just about everything as a self-congratulatory pat on the back that I followed through on something. So, you'll probably see signatures on everything. I'm not vain, just happy to have painted.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My, oh my, oh my! Just LOOK at how long it's been since I've uploaded anything. Shame on me. Consistency is the name of the game, and I don't seem to be playing well. Will I try to do better? The heart is willing ...

However, in this interval of time I have continued to (click) (click) (click) at every opportunity!

Most recently, I returned from a quick road trip to California. There were several reasons for the trip--like I really needed a reason to hit the road--but the primary impetus was my sister, Melba. She initially made the suggestion and offered to underwrite the journey, so who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth? (That didn't come off as I truly meant it. My sis doesn't in the least resemble a horse!)

So, we made plans. I bought extra media cards for all of the photos I knew I was likely to snap. (God! I love digital cameras and not having to lug around rolls of film!)

The day came and off we went!

Enroute we determined a few ground rules needed establishing. I wanted to stop EVERYWHERE and shoot photographs. This doesn't make for rapid progress. Mel is not a photographer, and it was essentially her trip. So, we did not stop at every visually enticing scene or object, frustrating as when would I ever be there/see that ever again? In fact, we didn't stop nearly often enough, but there were people awaiting us in CA and a trip schedule to adhere to. Alas, I complied.

I think the absolute BEST gift from this sojourn was that I came back refreshed, invigorated, inspired, enthusiastic, PUMPED!

Now I have to sort through all the shots I took and keep the best and eliminate the rest. Even though that will involve a lot of computer work, I will MAKE time to get away from the computer and SEE with my revitalized eyes and (click) (click) (click)