Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rocket Bakery Garland

I love popping into small local coffee shops when I have the chance. I've driven by this little place on Garland every time I go check my post office box. I stopped in finally and found that it may have been very narrow across the front, but was long inside all the way to the back.

It was quiet and I practically had the place to myself as I sat and enjoyed my cup of coffee and a scone. All alone but for the man in the Hawaiian print shirt waiting for his wife to get back from looking at the Tinman Gallery just down the block, and the two folks at the counter who couldn't decide which baked good they wanted to order.

As I sat there, two elderly couples came into the place together and I overheard them talk with the barrista. The older man had once owned the bakery in that location decades earlier. He had helped build the place. One could tell he was quite proud of his accomplishment and it was an emotional moment for him to go through the establishment once again. He even wanted to go see the back of the building in the alley. Apparently he had a very prominent sign back there. It was gone, and he wasn't surprised.

It was so much fun vicariously enjoying the ex-baker's reminiscing. I also appreciated that the young barrista was very accommodating and encouraged the oldster's tale of long before she was born.

I felt very comfortable in this "little" neighborhood bakery. I took a number of iPhotos. Rocket Bakery on Garland in Spokane is one of about eight Rocket Bakery locations in Spokane.

Day 244

Front Window Seating


Table I occupied. Don't you love the table surface?
Film grain effect

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