Sunday, August 28, 2011

Where was I?

Suki and I went for a drive-about this afternoon. It was just that sort of day when I absolutely had to get out of the house and fill my lungs with sun-warmed fresh air and see something other than four walls closing in on me.

I put some gas in the tank because I didn't know what to expect or what would be available where I ended up. I'm still learning my way around. It felt exhiliarating spinning along the highway out of town, away from the congested neighborhoods, traffic, old brick buildings, the shopping malls, the drive-thru eateries. I pointed the truck toward Deer Park today and had a jolly good time of it.

Just that sort of day.

I am uploading a photograph I took a week or so ago while driving up beyond Liberty Lake. I'm attracted to this photograph on a couple of different levels.

First, I like the movement in the composition, the curve in the road, the heading down and the landscape background continuing up and beyond.

Second, where I stood to take the photograph is in the state of Washington, and somewhere in the fields in the background is the state of Idaho. It's a distinction made by man, just like the measurement of time, or the asphalt roads, the utility poles. The trees don't give a diddly in which state they have their roots, nor do the pastures of golden hay, or the timid deer, the vigilant hawks overhead.

It was just Suki, the landscape, and me standing in the middle of a road taking a photograph.

Day 239 of Project 365

Two of my photographs at were included in Etsy Treasuries today:

"Waiting at the Curtain"

"Flaming Floral" 

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