Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Losing Steam?

Here it is Day 334 of Project 365. I can't lose steam now! I'm almost pulling into the station!

Alas, my annual autumnal debilitating headcold, Thanksgiving, and family concerns temporarily put the brakes on my blogging, but the taking of photographs didn't cease!

The days have lost their brightness, and everything is brittle and cold. I know it will become colder still here, but I hesitate before I venture outside these days. What a wimp, I am. I'm always happy once I'm OUT, but I have to fight that first sting of cold air in my face when I do overcome my inner wimp.

When I ventured forth last Saturday, I had joined Barb Caraway in checking out the A Little West of Spokane Artists' Studio Tour, in Cheney and Medicine Lake. There were nine artists in about seven different locations. Barb drove, so it was fun to be able to look around at that unfamiliar area.

The studios and their respective artists were interesting, but I was itching to photograph something. I wasn't finding inspiration. Until we went back to Barb's place and I got into my truck. I had seen some landscape that was calling me back to explore a little more fully. So, I drove back through the fields and hills.

It was that time of the afternoon when I knew the sun had done its best and was fading rapidly.

I drove through the booming metropolis of Cheney (NOT), but nothing grabbed me by the ... well, grabbed my attention. Until I drove by the huge silos at ADM Milling. There wasn't anyone around, so I pulled in next to the buildings and started taking photographs.

I was taken with the repetitive patterns in the red caged ladders, the windows--some closed, some open, the shapes, the long lines of the silos. I has a happy girl; clickety-clicking all over the place! I really can't settle on which one I like the best, so I'm uploading the best(s).

I need to invest in hand warmers, though ... b-r-r-r-r-r  All in all, it turned out to be a satisfying day! I ought to venture out again, don't you think?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 321 of Project 365

Snow is forecast again for tomorrow, there's already a dusting of snow on the back deck. All but the very last of the leaves have fallen from branches. I have a potted Japanese Maple that we've brought into the foyer, and it still has one or two green leaves, but the rest have turned amber and red, and fallen. The colors were splendid, but now the landscape is turning dull, monochromatic. Even the people out and about for the most part are cloaked in darker hues. But there IS color out there, one just has to be open to it.

I was wandering around a farm a couple of weeks ago and stumbled on the scene of a pair of green metal lawnchairs just outside of a red barn. It was shot with my iPhone, and I did add a film grain effect. Me, like! Just beyond the barn was some sort of mechanical device, and the distressed metal shute called out to me, "Kay! Here I am ready for you to chronicle!" So, I did!

I suspect more of my photographing will take place indoors. Hmmm, there's always something to pique the imagination!

Celebrity portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz was interviewed the other night on television regarding her new book, Pilgrimage, and when asked about what kind of camera to buy replied that the iPhone is "the snapshot camera of today." She went on to comment that it has revolutionalized our lives in that we can carry about our photo albums with us, and can still avail ourselves of the other functions and apps. Where's the need to carry a separate point and shoot camera? Yea verily!

Love how the setting sun plays with the shadows
iPhoto no filter

Green Chairs, Red Barn
iPhoto w/film grain effect

Metal Shute
iPhoto no filter

Saturday, November 12, 2011

My life seems RULED by a Camera ...

I've been feeling guilty about not doing my daily photo upload, as promised. Here it is almost 11-13-11 and some six days since my last upload. But then, gosh darn it, I got to thinking that I've been behind the camera for hours each day. Not shooting creative arty stuff, but commercial, "studio" stuff.

I don't have a studio, per se, but I have my lights set up, and the lightbox to difuse the light on the stones, beads, and jewelry I'm photographing, editing, and uploading to my two Etsy sites and .

I think that should count for a photo-a-day! So, here are a couple, okay a few, of the most recent:

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Time is a subjective measurement, right?

Okay, so I'm a tad late to have this qualify as yesterday's blog entry. But I've uploaded a new photograph to my Etsy store and I wanted to share it with you folks, too.

Actually, I also edited one of the Greek Orthodox Church photographs I included in day before yesterday's upload and I wanted to show how it transformed, too.

My head cold still rages, so I'm not out and about much of late, so am left to my own devices and gadgets indoors. Anyway, the malady, too, will pass and I'll soon be back out of doors.

Here are today's (yesterday's)

I edited this image of the Greek Orthodox Church
 with a Cutout effect

On this image, too,
I used an effect filter: Crisscross

Monday, November 7, 2011

A Seasonal Shift ...

The days, and nights, here in Spokane are frosty. It's a seasonal shift from sweaters and sweat jackets and sandals, to gloves, hat, heavier overcoat, boots. I'm NOT ready for this transition to winter in northeastern Washington! 

I have a friend languishing on the beach this week in Hawaii, soaking up sunshine. I can almost feel the warmth of the tropical breezes, the sand almost too hot to walk on, the sound of the wind in the palm fronds, the splashy colored tropical blossoms, with their incredible fragrance. C'est la vie.

But there are still some flowers in Spokane not totally frozen, and some foliage that warrants attention. The two images tonight were taken with an iPhone, but I've applied effect filters to them. They'll do for Day 311 of Project 365. Wow! Only 54 days left to this project. I think I've included well over the amount, I'll have to double check.

But here are today's photographs:

Marigolds out at the garden shop
at the community college
Dry Brush effect

Ginkgo Leaves on a pebble walkway
Ink Outline effect

No, of course it's not March!

"I'm late! I'm late, for a very important date!" I love the March Hare in Alice in Wonderland.  Since it's not March, there is no reason whatsoever for going a bit mad  at the end of October into November, but there you have it! The Mad Hatter murdered time, and now I'm trying, in spite of a raging head cold, to catch up! Bear with me, if you please.

I have managed to get out and about a time or two, so I'm just going to throw a plethora of images into play and let things settle a bit.

We had Halloween in there, and I did get some shots at a local costume store, so I'll start with those.

Now that we're past Halloween, screaming through Autumn with Thanksgiving on the horizon, I'll toss in a couple of golden amber foliage shots.

Let's see where that leaves us. I really enjoyed the images of the Greek Orthodox Church, so am throwing them into today's blog, as well.

I'm not sure if that catches up to the current day of Project 365. I'll figure it out and upload some more on the morrow!

I have to mention that I've been photographing seemingly a gadzillion images of cabochons, stones, beads, jewelry, African Trade, et cetera for all three of my Etsy stores: and Wait! Perhaps there IS good reason for going a bit mad!!!!!

I enjoyed the vampire woman and creepy eyes just
below the cheerful orange jack o'lanterns

The butler did it!

One street over on Calispel Street
last week

Same place as photograph above,
with the setting sun

Greek Orthodox Church on Washington
in Spokane
Love the stripes!!!

So many interesting architectural features!

A beautiful mosaic above the entrance,
but this photograph doesn't do it justice.
I'll go back another day to see if
I can capture a better image.