Monday, July 25, 2011

From west side of the state to the east side ...

I was editing some shots I still had in my camera; a couple from Birch Bay, and a few from Fairhaven. I'm uploading them to catch up with my Project 365.

Tomorrow I start with Spokane, WA daily photographs.

July 25, 2011

Barb Shepard's random street Hollyhocks in Fairhaven

Boat moored on beach in Birch Bay
(Dry Brush Filter)

Can't seem to get away from trash
but I made this one into a Beach Blossom
loved the rings of seaweed that washed ashore

Beach weeds growing in driftwood

Discovered a entire vacant lot
filled with rogue poppies in pinks, oranges, reds
a riot of colors!

(Dry Brush Filter)

Along the beach in Birch Bay

Loved this!
Street Art Series -- Blau S

Thought I had been stood up
Skylark in Fairhaven

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