Monday, July 18, 2011

Cogitating ...

In trying to get my bearings and organization, I looked back through the photographs I've uploaded to this blog. What a progression from sunsets over Birch Bay and heron, to desertscapes and a Trash Collection Series started and finished.

I'm now in Spokane, WA and trying to determine the pulse of this place. Because it is so much larger than Birch Bay, or Grand Junction, for that matter, I'm overwhelmed by all sorts of different energies.

It's been pleasant to wander in Mel's little garden, shed anxiety and as yet unanswered questions, catch my breath, and open myself to new possibilities.

However, yesterday my sis and I (and Suki) drove over to Manito Park, a 90-acre park with bike and walking trails, formal Duncan Garden with a fountain, rose gardens, a conservatory, playgrounds, a lovely fenced Japanese garden with a bridge over a koi pond, etc.

Yesterday there was a Bonsai exhibit and sale at Manito Park. It was an interesting change from seeing acres of wildflowers growing free and unrestricted as I drove to and from Colorado, to viewing these highly structured miniature landscapes. They were exquisite, but forced into their shapes. How ironic to replicate nature by forcing the branches into shapes determined by man to be natural. I've always enjoyed Bonsai, but yesterday I rather favored the open fields of wildflowers thriving in their profusion of unencumbered splendor.

Oops! I got off on a tangent! (Imagine that.)

I didn't take any photographs of the Bonsai, but I did take photos of some plants and flowers in the conservatory.

Note: used Film Grain filter

Very fragrant jasmine

I edited, adding a couple of squares here and there

I have to get back on track with Project 365, but all in good time. It's going to take a while to get acquainted with Spokane and its many sides. But, it's good for the time  being to be in one place and settle for a bit.

I'm off to check my new post office box. Who knows what I might find there? The adventure continues ...

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