Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Today, the works! As in Violin Works, that is ...

I'm hitting the road again early tomorrow morning. It may be a few days until my next blog entry. I'm heading back to Birch Bay to close the studio, clean up some final details and then point Hi Ho Silverado back toward Spokane, to seek my fortune ... literally.

But today I managed to get in a little walkabout the Garland neighborhood in Spokane, and noticed a workbench just inside a storefront window with all manner of violin parts and tools. I walked the rest of the block, turned, and came back along the block to my truck. This time in passing the shop, a man sat working on a violin. I popped in, rudely (perhaps) disrupting a conversation between the craftsman and another man, who introduced himself as Cody.

Both were quite amiable and when I asked if I could take some photographs, James A. Kytonen, the proprietor and craftsman gave his permission and both men chatted about the Garland neighborhood, and some incredible Jamaican jerk to be found in a restaurant in another area of Spokane that I'll be sure to track down another day. I tried Googling it, but wasn't able to find it. I'll simply call on Mr. James A. Kytonen again for directions.

Anyway, I was quite smitten with the wonderful woods of the instruments ... beautiful! I only took a few shots, which I've uploaded herewith. Enjoy!

I was surprised that this man who repairs violins, doesn't play. Obviously one doesn't automatically mean the other, so there you go.  The other guy, Cody, also doesn't play violin, but is purportedly a master at maintaining elevators and escalators.

I enjoyed the banter and the good will of these gentlemen, and loved the opportunity to photograph something other than cowboy boots, desertscapes and arid mesas.

Thank you, Mr. Kytonen!

Violin Works
818 W Garland
Spokane WA 99205
(509) 327-3079

July 19, 2011

Mr. James A. Kytonen

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