Sunday, July 31, 2011

Did Someone Say "Quirky?"

I was busy making jewelry today and I lost track of time. I hadn't been out at all and was getting a little claustrophobic. I had to mail off a birthday card to my brother Eric, so Suki and I climbed up into my truck and off we roared.

I've passed by a thrift shop in the Garland District a number of times since moving here. The shop is Drop Your Drawers, at 716 W. Garland, Spokane, WA. Every time I've driven by vintage music is blaring and these oddly posed quasi-mannequins adorn the store front; it seems to epitomize the ambience of the neighborhood.

I loved pushing my way through selections of vintage clothing, shoes, jewelry, bones, musical instruments, masks, keyboards, bicycles, vinyl records ... you name it! They only trade or take cash. Their FB fan page states that David, the owner, can even make you a spoon ring.

I couldn't do just one photograph, so here are a few for today. There was something quirky about each of them that totally delighted the child in me! These are all unedited iPhone camera images.

July 31, 2011

Everything Goes w/Doc Martens(iPhoto)

Slim's Jeans (iPhoto)

A Face to Launch a Thousand Ships (iPhoto)

Ticklin' the Ivories and the Femur (iPhoto)

Cash Only Register (iPhoto)

More Cowboy Boots?  Ya Gotta be Kidding! (iPhoto)

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