Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 209 of 365

The days they are a-movin' right along, no? Yes, I would say they most definitely are, but the moving aspect I hope is done for awhile. The days can keep moving, but I want to stay put for the time being.

I'm having fun shooting blossoms out in my sister's garden. I even enjoyed photographing my sister's teacup and saucer with the rose embellishment. I'm not a bone china kinda gal, but this was part of a collection our Mom kept, and she was a bone china kinda gal.

The one photograph of the tea cup and saucer with the napkin and the orange slices was fun. I liked the dynamic diagonal of the edge of the table, and how the slices repeated the pattern of the shadow cast by the spokes of the chair.

The other china cup and saucer photo was edited with a glow filter. And the pink geraniums has a watercolor filter. Oh, and the purple climber--can't remember the name of the plant--was edited with a film grain filter.

(Watercolor filter)

(Film Grain filter)

I edited with a glowing filter/can't remember the technical name.
 I'm sooooo professional; not!

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