Monday, July 11, 2011

And now ... from Spokane, WA ...

Oh my! I've been rather mobile in the last couple of months! I've thoroughly enjoyed driving hither and yon, seeing new places, new lifestyles, new people. I haven't taken nearly as many photographs as I thought I would. But, I think that was the nature of this particular spate of travel. It was prompted more by need than leisure and enjoyment. However, a whole bunch of a lot of leisure and enjoyment seeped into the experience.

And I did manage to snap a shot or three.

It does still seem a little strange to go from over a thousand miles of openness ... open deserts ... open mountain ranges ... open agricultural spaces ... wide open skies ... to the city of Spokane with streets and streets of close set houses and commercial businesses. I'm feeling a little closed in, claustrophobic. But I'll eventually acclimate.

Today's photograph was taken right in my sister Mel's backyard. She has a little Garden of Eden going on in back of their home. There's one plant that captured my attention. The flowers are clustered in tight umbrels, with a whorl of spiny basal bracts. It's called an Eryngium or Sea Holly. The blue color is quite striking and bees seem to be very attracted to it.

July 11, 2011

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