Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lima, as in Lima Beans ...

While driving from Grand Junction to Spokane I decided rather belatedly to take the time to drive through the little places where I stopped for gas. I was seeing a lot of landscape as I flew along the freeways, but little in the way of "local color." (Private joke, eh, Terry DP?)

Gas stop in Lima, Montana in Beaverton County, with a population of 231, as of 2009 was one of my gas stops. Lima turned out to be a treasure trove of photo ops.

Gol darn it! I wish I had that brainstorm earlier. I was so intent upon getting from Point A to Point B, that the interesting inbetweens got overlooked. So unlike me not to meander around hitherto unknown places.

There was sign on a ramshackle old building that read, "Lima Historical Society" and my thought was that it was tongue-in-cheek, as there was no way anyone would be safe in that derelict! But it certainly presented all manner of photographic potential.

I'm including a few of them here. I put a B&W filter on them, to set them apart from simply photographs of an old building. I like how it highlights the structure, composition, rather than the colors. Although the wood was so weathered as to be drained of color to begin with. Wait! I'll upload both and you can see which you like better.

I'll be featuring more Lima, as in lima beans, photographs in the next few days.

July 12, 2011

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