Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winter Solstice ... AND ... Day 355

Only ten more days to go in this daily photo upload. I think there were a number of days I missed uploading, but I think I've uploaded in excess of 365. I'll have to go back and count.

AND, today is winter solstice; the shortest day of daylight is done and on to adding more light in our days! Whooppee!

Mel had to drive over to the commissary to pick up groceries this afternoon, so I tagged along for the ride. It was a gorgeous day and I needed to get out of the basement, started to feel like a mole! I remembered to take along my camera, and had an opportunity to take some photographs of the frost/ice on tree branches and weeds. It was such an odd visual because the ice didn't encircle the branches, the ice formed in ribbons. Perhaps the wind was blowing as the ice froze, so it froze at an angle? I'm not sure, but it made for interesting shots. Unfortunately, my camera is giving me attitude, and when I changed the exposure from Tungsten lighting to bright daylight/snow, the camera slipped back into Tungsten mode, so my photographs are B-L-U-E. Hey, one works with what one has.

This one has been edited with a Cutout effect

I was quite taken with how the ice edged the leaves

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