Friday, December 2, 2011

Egads! December!

And the second day of December, no less! It has been a busy, productive morning. A lot of time has been spent on my poor, limping along computer, catching up on my jewelry blog, adding new items to inventory. I noticed that my photographs have been featured in three different Etsy Treasuries in the last couple of weeks. Hooray!

I meet next week with Emily Long, owner of The Loft in Colville, to address our mutual expectations for an upcoming exhibit of my photographs at her shop. That will be exciting, no? Yes!

Last Christmas I used one of my photographs as the image on my holiday greeting cards. I would like to do so again this year, so am going through images to find one that speaks Christmas. I've been toying with a couple of ideas, but I MUST make a decision NOW! Time's a-wastin'!

But here is today's image:

A rather subdued Cheney, WA landscape.
Loved the motion and color of the sign and the road stripe.
The vertical trees and the receding white road markers
seem to mitigate the sign being dead center.
Attracted to the undulating landforms and stubble,
and the curve of the arrow and the road.

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