Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's a B-r-r-r-r Day 342 of 365

I went up to Colville, WA today to meet with Emily Long, young entrepreneur and owner of Loft, a consignment shop. She had contacted me through my Etsy shop to invite me to display/sell some of my photographs.

It was a foggy and very cold 1.5 hour trip up. Mel was driving, while I gawked at the landscape, the fog, and crocheted. I had charged up my camera battery the night before and I was ready to have a finger-depressing good time!

I wasn't disappointed. I had several opportunities on the way back to Spokane to stop and click away.

One of the places was Loon Lake. We pulled into a cabin rental resort on the lake, closed for the season. There was snow all around, and it even snowed a little while I wandered around the waterfront and among some apple trees. Mel stayed warm and cozy inside her car; smart woman.

Here are but a few of the shots for Day 342 upload:

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