Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 344 or maybe 345 ... is it Sat or Sun?

In any case, my sister was busily decorating her living room Christmas tree today. She asked if I wanted to help, but although I was grateful to be invited, I seem to have become better as an observer. I'm not exactly "bah humbug," just preferred to watch as she carefully arranged the lights, hanging little ornaments that pleased her.

There were some obvious favorites: angels, mice, cows, little houses. She added ornaments gifted to her by friends and relatives. There was even a metal wire star I had made for her years ago.

She had ornaments crocheted by our Mom, which got us to reminiscing about the colorful bubbling oil tree ornaments we once had as kids, the green and red craft paper chains we made, popcorn garlands, used Christmas cards we cut apart, added TONS of glitter and recycled into ornaments. Mom even had discarded wallpaper sample books, from which we cut all sorts of things. Mom launched us early into the joy of crafting, making things with our hands, making re-use of all sorts of materials ... Oh! The crumpled up aluminum foil ball ornaments, with red glitter! Just remembered them.

It was a pleasant time spent. Thank you, Mel. Your tree is splendid and festive!

I'm uploading another ornament. It has no personal significance whatsoever, other than my son Paul's nickname is Ducky. No, I don't know how he came by the name; some things are best left unknown, especially regarding Paul. So, when I saw these ducky ornaments, I thought of Paul. This one's to you, son!

Ducky Santa has been edited with
a Watercolor Sponge effect

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