Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Making Choices ...

I like mailing out a holiday greeting card implementing one of my own photographs. In all regards, I seem to have dragged my feet, or my butt, or both, this year. I suppose because it has been a regrouping, re-characterizing, trying to get a grip sort of year. (By the way, I've rather given up on trying to get a grip, as my hand gets so tired and it hardly seems worth the effort. So, I'm trying out going with the flooooooow. At times, it too is rather tiring. But I'm doing the best I can with what I have.)

And what I have right now are five or six different images I'm considering for The Holiday Card.

Because I'm lagging behind the tick-tock clock, I made a hard right into the World Market on Division in North Spokane. It struck me that they might have some interesting tree ornaments. I had a ball clicking away with my iPhone camera--of course, I hadn't given it forethought so didn't have my Canon--at all the traditional and non-traditional ornamentation.

I'll share with you the ones that did NOT get chosen. I want my family and friends to be the first to see The Winning Photograph. You understand, I'm sure. Yes?

Because I've been on an effects tangent, these images are no exception. They are all edited with one effect or another.

I have so much fun playing with such simple tools. I wonder what would happen if I expanded my meager knowledge and REALLY got serious about creating with my digital images. Oh La La!

But, I know have printed out my cards and am busily addressing and adding personal notes.

'Tis the Season!

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