Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 362 and it's raining

At least it's not raining cats and dogs. Just rain; better than snow. Last time I let Suki out back to do her thing, it appeared as though the rain and warmer temperature was melting the last of the snow.

However, I'm including a "snowflake" in one of the photographs. This kind of snowflake I can handle, thank you very much!

I stopped in Rocket Bakery on Garland for a medium mocha, extra shot, a day or so before Christmas. I love established neighborhood coffee shops, where regulars pop in and use their laptops in the back, while sipping their "regular." I don't know names yet. I don't stop in regularly enough to recognize or be recognized. However, I did ask the name of the manager so I can approach her after the holidays about the chance to display my photographs on the coffee shop walls.

Whilst there, I whipped out my trusty iPhone and clicked a shot or two, one of which includes the snowflake.

Well, get on with it, Kay! Quit your dilly dallying! Yes, ma'am.

Paper snowflake in front door
iPhoto Rough Chalk effect

The angles worked for me on this photo.
I loved the distressed paint on the handrail

I enjoyed how the light caught in the
carved details of the old buffet or sideboard.
I can envision my photographs
displayed on these
marigold color walls!

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