Thursday, December 8, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy Day 341 of 365

Time now is as a river swollen by snow melt higher up in the mountains; it's raging past, cold, dangerous in its unseen debris. Sometimes I feel swept along with the increased pace, my roots wrenched out of the embankment, a loss of control or context. Whoa! That thought certainly didn't go the way I intended, but I'll leave it as it stands. Hmmm, strange.

But, yes! I am busily swept along with the season. I've made most of my photograph greeting cards, newsletter, et cetera. Now just to personalize, seal the envelopes and mail those suckers!

Tonight I was digitally browsing through the images I've captured lately. I don't think I've shared this one. It was the back of an old brick boarding house, or apartment structure in Cheney across from the Mill. You know me and texture; this image had it for me. No effect filter used on this one.

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