Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 362 ... I know, I know I already uploaded 362

BUT ... I'm uploading photographs right now, which happens to STILL be Day 362. However, by the time I finally launch, it may be Day 363. The choice is yours.

I took a photograph of a utility pole seemingly right smack daub in the middle of the branches of a tree. The branches look like arcing electricity; well, sort of. So, I decided I would play around the photograph and changed it to B&W, and then applied a Negative effect. I rather like how it enhances the electrical charge. I wish I knew how to introduce selective areas of color, but I'm not that sophisticated ... yet.

I also had a rather drab photograph of some icy leaves, so while I was in a negative frame of mind--so to speak--I added the negative effect, without changing it to B&W first. I like how it looks uber icy!

Hence, I'm uploading a bucket load of negativity tonight!

(Manipulated iPhoto)

Frozen Botanical
(Manipulated iPhoto)

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