Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Birds of a feather ...

Mel, Steve and I decided, while the weather was still hot, we would bebop east for a 30-minute drive to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. We figured since it was the middle of the week the lake wouldn't be as crowded as on the weekend.

It wasn't that crowded, but there were a lot of people nonetheless.

But we found a nice shady spot and settled down to our picnic. Before we left home I was instructed to bring a book, since Mel reads while Steve swims. I always bring way too many projects when I go on these jaunts. I brought a sketch pad, two books, a camera, a little field watercolor painting kit. I WAS READY!

I did start to wander off with my camera, and captured a couple of images.

There were a lot of birds: seagulls, ducks, Canada geese and a white goose. I found an assortment of feathers and stuck them together in a dead tree stump for the photograph I'm uploading today.

I think I'll mosey back to Coeur d'Alene on my own. I seem to function at a slower pace than most folks. Most people like to go from Point A to Point B, no dilly dally; not me. I wander aimlessly.

Aside from wanting to take more photographs, I bought an Idaho Mega lottery ticket that will prove to hold the winning numbers for Friday's drawing. I'm sure of it ;o)

I had some photographs included in an Etsy Treasury and one gal even included one of my photographs on her blog. Yay!

Hear the Bells
Photo: Indian Etched Brass Bells
The Wandering Reader blog:

Photograph: Hobbit Chair
This particular digital image is repeatedly included in treasuries. Go figure! I guess there are a lot of Lord of the Rings followers on Etsy, eh?

Day 257 of 365

Bark n Feathers

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