Monday, September 5, 2011


No, I'm not in Hawaii, not headed to Hawaii, didn't think about Hawaii until just this moment. But, today's photograph is of pineapples I came across in the produce section of the grocery store, about as far away from Hawaii as one can be. Well, I suppose Spokane IS a lot closer to Hawaii than a good many other locations I could mention, or you could think about. But, enough with Hawaii already!

Pineapple, yes, that's the subject matter du jour! I found a whole slew of new effect filters, and I finally just had to chose one, and here it is.

But first, I have to share a little bit of humor--very little humor--about an e-mail notification I received today. It was from Etsy notifying me I had sold a photograph! Hip Hip Hallelujah, right? Wrong. Almost immediately I received an email from the Etsy buyer, begging my forgiveness. She thought she was buying some vintage bottles, NOT a photograph of vintage bottles. She asked me to cancel the purchase and refund her money. It would have been sad, if it weren't so gosh darn funny.  Well, it was sort of funny. So, I assured her I would do as she bid, although it is a very nice photograph.

But, such is the nature of sales.


iPhoto/Poster Edges Effect

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  1. It definitely IS a nice photo of bottles! And the pineapples photo is great, too! :o)