Thursday, September 8, 2011

Within a few blocks and farther a-field ...

Parasol Drum
iPhoto with Film Grain effect
 Today's photographs are inside and outside; here and there.

But first I have two Etsy treasuries in which my photographs have been featured, as follows:

Catching Fire
Photo: Harvest of Glass

Photo: Beach Love

Okey dokey! The image shown above was photographed at Drop Your Drawers Thrift Shop, maybe 10 blocks away on Garland Avenue. I've shot a number of quirky things at that place. This shellacked paper parasol and big bass drum were on display and I've wanted to photograph them each time I go through the shop. It was difficult to decide how to photograph two large, round shapes and make it work. I think this works. Well, it works for moi! I applied a film grain effect because it was dark in the shop and this effect on this photograph lightened the parasol and added more yellow, and darkened the skin of the drum.

The photograph from farther a-field is a field farther away in the foothills east above Spokane. I could not resist the dark-light-dark-light and the red barn was a no brainer! Get that shot! Got it! This image, too, has benefited from the film grain effect, as it lightens the light area and effectively manages the darks.

Red Barn
iPhoto with Film Grain effect

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