Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Bounty of Bondo Images

Mel knows about my predilection for dilapidated vehicles, so while we were out doing the monthly shopping, she took me by an old vintage truck she had previously noticed out by Airway Heights on the way to the Base.  Thank goodness it was still there. I've had so many instances where I thought I would come back to photograph something, but by the time I did so, the treasure trove was no longer there.

I was in luck! It was there, but since I didn't know I would be doing anything except shopping, I hadn't brought along my camera. What kind of serious photographer am I, anyway? Ah ha! The iPhone comes to the rescue once again!

I'll have to go back and take some better quality images ... hope it will still be there. But in the meantime, here are just a few of the shots I took. I was shooting into a strong, afternoon sun with no way to compensate.

There will never be an end to my Bondo Series of photographs. Hooray!

September 21, 2011

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