Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Sunny Day 62 of 365

Thank goodness for sunshine! I remember my ex-boss, upon telling him 7 years ago that I was moving to Washington, replying, "When moss starts growing between your toes, you can always come back here to Redlands!" With all of the rain and cold we've had lately, it feels like I COULD actually grow moss between my toes! Jack knew what he was talking about! No, not returning to Redlands.

But, here are today's photographs. This is the scenery along the road where I now live. Beautiful, isn't it. The last photograph is of trees that caught my eye. I couldn't figure out if there were orange blossoms on the tree, or what. But on closer examination, it is peeling bark that is catching the late afternoon sun. It looks like the trees are a-flame!


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