Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bird Abodes and All ...

I had three photographs included in Etsy treasuries in the last two days. I am almost embarrassed to keep uploading those features to Facebook. I'm not really facile at tooting my own horn. I would love to toot the fact and I'm selling photographs on Etsy. Alas, one of these days.

In the meantime, I enjoy the bric-a-brac I see while driving around my little ol' beach town. There are seagulls everywhere, in fact, I've started a series, Faux Seagulls, which are photos of all the kitschy seagull plaques, stone seagulls, plaster, shell seagulls, and the like. It's a fun series, but I'm aware right now of the more everywhere kinds of birds, like robins, which are prevalent where I'm now staying, claiming their territory and starting their nests.

Today's photograph isn't of a robin, nor of a seagull. I take photographs of stationary objects. If it starts to move, my photo-taking skills diminish considerably!

It is of a kitsch bird house, but I like the composition with all of the electric and phone lines criss-crossing in the background and the faded beach blues.


Beachy Bird Kitsch

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