Tuesday, April 26, 2011

See Gulls at the Seashore ...

It was forecast to be raining today; so glad the meteorologists were wrong! The sun shineth! I took this shot of the seagulls as the tide is coming in. I threw on a film grain effect, which gives the image a brighter, stylized appearance. The shore colors here often tend toward drab and monochromatic.

As I drove around Birch Bay, I thought again of this or that being the last time I do this or that. I won't be here in August to pick the free blackberries that grow wild and rampant along the sides of the roads.  It will be the last time I'll see spring exploding in the diversity of colors of blooms and blossoms. The blooming trees here are stupendous. It'll be a totally different sensory experience in Colorado. Instead of crabs, I'll encounter scorpions ... so I'm told.

I'll miss the seagulls and all things beachy. As I walked along the shore I saw the annual evidence of the lovely white bent-lipped clams and the pretty designs on the young manila clams.

Yup. Change is life. But I'll always have a camera in hand to bear witness to wherever I am!

Here's today's photograph:


See Gulls at the Seashore

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