Monday, April 25, 2011

Days 84 and 85 of Project 365

I enjoyed a lovely Easter dinner with friends yesterday, but still took time to snap a shot du jour. I just wasn't able to upload it yesterday.

In view that it was Easter, I snapped this whimsical adornment of a stone sculpture along my road. For those of you familiar with the Vancouver 2010 Olympics logo, Inukshuk (in-ook-shook), this neighbor was obviously proud enough to install his own  Inukshuk at the entrance of his driveway. The owner decorates his little stone statue for the various holidays. When I lived in Redlands, CA there was someone just outside of town who decorated their statue of a rabbit (?) with holiday attire! South, North, East or West, you find people who dress up inanimate objects just for the fun of it, don't you! This Easter bunny was complete with a fuzzy tail!

This morning, I had to go to Birch Bay Square and the star magnolia trees are abloom. Couldn't resist using that for today's photograph.



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