Friday, April 1, 2011

Moving ... moving ... moving ... oh wait! Here's 60 and 61 ...

It is eerie not having access to Internet either by computer or by phone; how disconnected! Maybe it's a good thing to disconnect from time-to-time. I know I wouldn't willingly do it. So, this recent move of abode is inadvertently resulting in an enforced break, hopefully to refresh, listen to sounds, rest my eyes, focus my thoughts on other matters more directly at hand, literally.

But I'm in a place in this moment that has Internet access, so am uploading Day 60 and Day 61. No. 60 is an unusual cloud formation yesterday at sunset. We normally do not experience such streamlined clouds over Birch Bay. Loved it!


 A sight we do see a lot of in Birch Bay are of fishing nets and bouys. Loved the simplicity of the patterns. OK ... OK ... I also threw in some azaleas. I don't really care for Rhoddies, but I do like very much their little sister Azalea. Both are starting to bloom now.


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