Thursday, April 28, 2011

Treasures and Day 88 of 365

My photograph "Merlin's Parlour" is featured in another Etsy Treasury:

Although it rained this morning, today turned out to be a lovely, sunny day here in Birch Bay. It would have been a splendid day for beachcombing. Alas, I couldn't get out to play.  For some reason there has been a lot of traffic up and down Birch Bay Drive. There's no race or event going on in the community, maybe just the sun drawing out folks.

Today's photograph is of some tiny little blossoms that have taken residence in the same pot as is my dwarf Japanese maple that I now have at my studio. They just appeared a year ago, and bloomed again this spring. The flowers each are about the size of my fingernail; so dainty. I don't know what they are. They may well be some friendly weed, but I was taken with their cheerfulness.


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