Monday, March 7, 2011

Project 365 and whatchamacallit ...

Monday and I still haven't turned in my artist bio. I don't have a philosophy. Dig deep, Kay! That's the problem; there's no deep significance to my photography. I don't photograph socially relevant subjects, there's no cause, I'm not plumbing my inner depths, there is no depth. I'm just an eye. Oh Lordy! I don't think gallery owners want a artist statement with the solitary four words: I AM AN EYE. I'll work on it some more tonight.

I went to the office and back home today. But there is about a half mile betwixt the two places, so heck yes, I took some photographs!

Some beach debris, driftwood some more, and a concrete bulwark that over the years was no match for the constant ebb and flow and weather of Birch Bay.


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