Thursday, March 17, 2011

Etsy Treasury and 365

Happy Birthday, Cole! Grandma kisses and hugs to you!!!

I received notification that another one of my photographs was included in an Etsy treasury titled Rich,Warm and Beautiful. The photo was one I shot while in Hawaii a couple of years ago. Oh how I wish I were back there again ... warm ... lush ... tropical breezes ... gorgeous colors ... no money, honey.

The reception for Northwest  Sea and Sky is tomorrow night from 6 - 9 p.m. at Loomis Hall Gallery on Martin Street in Blaine. There are ten photographers and six sculptors represented in this exhibit. It's been years since I have submitted any of my artwork for inclusion in a show. It will be fun to see my two photos hung on a gallery wall! I might even work up the nerve to submit more elsewhere. But, don't want to get carried away, you know.

Since living in Birch Bay, I've often passed by a little old building on the northwest corner of Blaine and Peace Portal. Right now it's a thrift shop, before then a used book store, an antique store, and before that it had been empty for years. There's a sizable Dutch presence in Whatcom County, although more so over in the Lynden area about 15 miles east. Only once have I seen this windmill moving, and I never realized there was wording on the blades of the windmill. Good thing it's painted over, because the shop is seldom OPEN.


Dutch Open I

Dutch Open II

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