Saturday, March 5, 2011

Artist Bio and Project 365 ...

I've been playing with words today. How to come up with an artist bio to accompany the two photographs I'll have displayed in the Loomis Hall Gallery? Take in is Monday and I have to come up with something. I've written artist statements over the years, but it never gets easier. This exhibit is made up exclusively of photographs and sculptures on a specific subject. One would think that would make it easier to focus on appropriate descriptions. One would think. I'll have to mull it over a bit more tonight. Maybe I'll sleep on it. What? You think I'm procrastinating? Yeah. You're right.

But here's today's image. Everything around here is bleak, rather devoid of color, unless you look closely, but this image was the exception. In back of a lawn mower repair shop I spied a brightly red painted wall, and some sort of build-out, also painted red, except for the back, which I don't know if it was just overlooked, or didn't warrant a coating of red. But it certainly worked out in my favor, because I loved the strong verticals of red and painterly white, and the organic triangles of the delicate branches and dried blossoms or seedpods of the weed.


Red White N Weed

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