Saturday, March 26, 2011

One "Oops" and Project 375

I received an invitation from a team leader on the Etsy site to join their team of vendors because she liked my photography and thought it would be a good match for their group. However, I had to decline at present because it would mean a commitment of time, which I don't have right now. It is an open invitation, so when my schedule solidifies somewhat I'll be able to follow-up. How nice to be invited!

I received notice this morning that my photograph Arc on White was featured in another treasury. I'm pleased at the exposure ... now if I would just sell one, or more, of those lovely photographs.

Today's and yesterday's Project 365 photographs are a continuation of a long line of Street Art obsessions. I took one photograph yesterday, got sidetracked and didn't upload it. As fate would have it, while at the market today, I couldn't help but notice the curb had been repainted ... Yahoo!!! I particularly favor the pink one.

So here are the two:


Street Art--Red, Yellow and Blue


Three Pinks

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  1. Glad to see more Street Art. I prefer Three Pinks, too; although the Red, Yellow and Blue is fun.