Thursday, March 3, 2011

On and Off and Back On and 365 ...

As you'll remember, I was jubilant to be invited to participate in Northwest Sea and Sky, and had two photographs selected. Then I received an e-mail notification that for inexplicable reasons, the show was cancelled. Lo and behold, today another e-mail notification begging patience, and stating that the exhibit was back on schedule. There are days and then there are days, ja?

At this precise moment in time, the Northwest Sea and Sky exhibit will be presented and the reception will be Friday, March 18th. I don't know time, but my understanding is that the exhibit will be up for a month. If you have any interest, you can go to Loomis Hall Gallery's website or where I'm told there will be eventual access online to the images included in the exhibit.

I printed out the two photographs for the show, which totally depleted my magenta ink cartridge and I cannot print anything else until I replace that empty cartridge, which could be quite some time. Serendipity, methinks.

And now for Project 365. In my studio, I have little piles here and there of things interesting to me. Today I took a simple shot of some beachcombing treasures in the corner of a windowsill.


Beach Findings

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