Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Something Submitted and Project 365 ...

I turned in the Artist Statement:

Kay West

Artist with a Camera

Over a lifetime I've lived and visited many different places inside and out of the United States. Each place has provided delightful places, things and people to learn about and love.

Currently, I'm living and creating in as close to the most northwesterly corner of the Continental United States as one can get. I live a delightfully laid back existence within shouting distance of a small, peaceful bay. Well, it's peaceful most of the time. But when one lives on the water, one  must expect exceptions to the rule.
I'm a visually-oriented gal who usually has a camera at hand and there isn't much I take more pleasure in than capturing a moment in time. There's something about isolating a scene or person or object that will have changed in some way the instant after I snap the photograph, that makes my spine tingle.

I don't have sophisticated, cutting edge digital equipment. And I don't pretend to have and use other than rudimentary understanding of aperture and f-stops. I seldom use flash. Sometimes I will play around with editing an image, but if I do, I state it.

I just enjoy the rush I experience when I am lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time and I have my camera to take away that "moment" to share with others.


As for today's photo(s) I left my camera charging at home and only had my iPhone. Here's what I came up with from prowling around Blaine this afternoon.


Duo in Black and White

Purse Lines

Shadows Against Red

Bound Books

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  1. Your Artist Statement sounds good to me! It'd make me want to look at your photos, to see what you captured.

    As for the day's photos, I enjoy them all; most especially Duo in Black and White, and I'm thoroughly enthralled with Shadows Against Red. The multitude of lines and angles, some straight, some curved; the colors ... Beautiful!