Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Double Your Pleasure ... Day 16 AND Day 15

Whoops! I forgot to upload my 30 Day Photography Challenge subject for yesterday, so I'm combining it with today's upload.

Day 16 subject is "A Good Habit."  I certainly have a lot of not so good habits, but one that serves me well and which I am most in the habit of performing is writing in my daily journal. Although some days it's more like ranting and raving, or bemoaning, or regretting, or celebrating, or praising, or self-congratulating. That's what is so effective for me about maintaining a personal journal. I can vent or be silly or be too serious and I'm the only one who knows. I value this good habit as a means of anchoring myself.

I don't write anything of earth-shattering importance, no secrets to take to my grave, nothing really of any merit other than to myself.

I got to thinking back to a time when I wondered what happened to my Grandma Lyon's journals, which I had learned she wrote. But none of the family knew what happened to them. It made me think about how fewer people are actually writing things down, versus a digital means of journaling. A time will probably come where nothing will be written, there'll be no journals with family photos tucked in, or a winning ribbon from the local art show, or dried rose from an anniversary bouquet.

Day 15 photo subject matter was "Silhouette." I took a photograph of the silhouette of a poinsettia, but you can still see bracts of color, not in silhouette. Something better than nothing, eh?

Day 16   A Good Habit (Journal Writing)

Day 15   Silhouette (Poinsettia)

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  1. I'm glad you think you are anchored. You need a strong anchor, don't you, since you like to flit about hither and yon!