Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Day 8 Routine

Routine ... any routine, my routine? I had to think about this a bit. Because I'm, for all intents and purposes, retired. I don't routinely get up at a specific time each morning. Often when I get up is determined by when I put down my book and turn off the light and go to sleep. If it's a good tale, I might not get to sleep until almost time to get up to go to work, if I were working. So, you can see, I can't use that as a routine. I'm very inconsistent.

Oh! Okay! I have one. I have two.

I routinely remove the stickers/labels from fruit from supermarket fruit and stick it up on the back-splash by the sink. I also stick them to my daily journals, or even include them as part of collaged art correspondence I send. Routinely, the labels end up on the back-splash. Ta-Da! My first photograph.

Another routine I have is to take off my jewelry when I go to bed and toss it slap-dash onto a rattan tray on my nightstand. Eventually it piles up and at some point I transfer the baubles to a jewelry box on my bureau. Ta-Da! My second photograph depicting a routine.

Day 8
30 Day Photography Challenge

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