Saturday, December 7, 2013

Day 13 Cannot Live Without

Hmmm ... what can I not live without? Coffee? No, if I were told by my physician I had to give up coffee for health reasons, I could.

I seriously can't think of anything I cannot live without. If something were to happen to me or those I love, I would find a way to overcome or cope or, if nothing else, simply accept. I would dig deep and find a way to live without that unidentified something. I would survive.

However, for the purpose of this Photography Challenge, for something to photograph, I would say that being able to see is very, very important to me. So, today's photograph is of my prescription tri-focal glasses.

I got my first glasses when I was 12 and it was incredible to me how much more of the world I could see. It was truly magic! I kid you not! I felt like I had super eyes and could see inordinately long distances.

For a long time I could read without my glasses, but time has taken its toll and my sight has worsened and I am totally dependent upon my glasses to read anything. I cannot hold things far enough away to read them without the aid of my glasses.

30 Day Photography Challenge
Day 13
Cannot Live Without

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