Saturday, December 14, 2013

Day 19 Something You Want

I'm a woman of very few wants. I'm at a point in life where I no longer want things and have started divesting, lightening my load.

I want what I suspect a lot of people want.

I have had recent email comments from several folks I've met through my Etsy business, which seem to share a common desire to connect with life more meaningfully. Not the often exhausting drive to make money, or attain status, but a search for a slower, simpler existence, able to take time to savor the joy of the moment, to reflect, to daydream.

I think there's a way each of us can find a balance, where we earn what we need, but still have time to reflect on who and what we are all about. I think it goes beyond happiness. Total bliss is just another imbalance, no?

I look at what I've just written and realize once again how privileged I am. I live in a country and a time that gives me advantages not possible for others with fewer options. I don't take my life lightly. I have what I need today. I'm grateful.

I came up with something, but I don't know how to photograph it. Or maybe I'm simply not clever enough to stage such a photograph.

Okay ... Okay ... Getting back on point. Here is something I want. I want options.

I want to wander along some warm sand beach beach-combing as I go, listening to the ocean, smelling the water and watching it dance in the sunshine, without a departure schedule, marveling at the ocean's treasures left at my feet.

Well, shoot! I already have that option, don't I? I just need to come up with a way to make it happen!

Day 19
Something You Want

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