Monday, December 2, 2013

Day 7 Changes to Come

Now that I'm sitting down to write this blog entry I realize I misread today's challenge subject. I thought it was "Change." I should be more careful when taking on a photography assignment.

I didn't photograph something today that would imply changes to come. I was out this evening to pick-up some burgers and French fried onion rings, but my usual foodie haunt was closed. I forgot it was Sunday. I noticed I was low on petrol, so drove to a shopping center to fill 'er up, where the lights of a restaurant caught my eye. I've noticed it before, but hadn't gone in.

My sister Melba likes to go to the same places, places she's familiar with, places she and Steve had gone to before he passed away. I usually defer to her when picking up dinner for the two of us.

Bless you for bearing with me, here is the point. I decided to go in. It was a change from my usual routine. As is said, if you don't change, nothing changes. I took a chance. If Mel didn't care for the cuisine, it was only one meal and she could fix herself a PB&J sandwich.

The name of the joint is Tecate, which I learned is also the name of a town in Northern Mexico about 40 miles from San Diego, CA. The city's claim to fame is Tecate Beer. I'm still trying to find a place for good Mexican food here in Spokane. I think I found one! I ordered the chicken flautas and the steak tacos al cabon. Alas, I did not have a Tecate beer, having some Pyramid ale at home, which I did indeedy have with my Mexican dinner. I think Melba enjoyed this change, too.

I changed my choices. Because of this, I can infer other changes might result. See! I did meet the challenge after all!

I like photographing images with light bouncing all over the place, with neon brights. I wish there had been more people, but I was there a little early for the dinner crowd. I also like the letters, visual lines, contrasts of dark and light, and variety of shapes.

Day 7
Changes to Come
30 Day Photography Challenge

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