Sunday, December 8, 2013

Day 14 Eyes

My sister Mel and I chatted about eyes tonight. We came up with eyes of a potato, eye of the tiger, eye of a needle, cat's eye, the evil eye, the stink eye, not a dry eye in the place. I have a carved wood mask with a Third Eye, I have a Shark's Eye shell I collected from a beach on Honeymoon Island, Florida, I have a carved wood monkey with a fez and crazy eyes, and I have African made glass beads to ward off the evil eye. It's amazing how many references there are to eyes and so many choices for photographing.

Photograph my own eye? It's not to be found. Both of my old lady eyes are disappearing into my eye lid folds, it's quite amazing that I can still see out of these ol' slits!

No, today I'm fulfilling the challenge with tiger eye cabochons. I wish I had them set in a fabulous piece of jewelry so I could capitalize on the opportunity. Alas, no bodacious jewelry with these cabs ... yet.

Day 14
30 Day Photography Challenge

Uncut Tiger Eye Slab and Cabochons

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